Alaya Consulting Becomes The First Independent Company To Be An AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider In Hong Kong

Alaya Consulting Limited has been awarded the status of licensed AA 1000AS (2008) assurance service provider by AccountAbility in UK.  Alaya Consulting strives to provide sustainability assurance services with independence by a distinct set of skills based on our expertise in sustainability areas.

AccountAbility is a leading global organisation providing innovative solutions to the most critical challenges in corporate responsibility and sustainable development. AccountAbility’s AA1000 series of standards have become the gold standard in the industry for performing assurance of non-financial reports (commonly called ESG reports).

Tony Wong, Founder and Principal Consultant, stated: “In its continuing growth as one of  the leading sustainability solution providers in Hong Kong, Alaya Consulting is now vested with the responsibility and privilege to carry our external third party assurance of sustainability reports for organisations that are interested to get a credible statement as well as global recognition of their sustainability commitment. We are committed to appraise the extent to which an organisation adheres to the AccountAbility Principles of Inclusivity, Materiality, and Responsiveness.”

There is a growing interest among stakeholders in assessing a company’s sustainability report. Pursuing a credible third party to accredit the report is seen as a good way to address such stakeholder need. The AA 1000 series are principles-based standards to help organisations become more accountable, responsible and sustainable.

About Alaya Consulting

Alaya Consulting is a specialist consultancy focusing on sustainability, responsible investment, and strategic communications. One of the first sustainability communications firms established in Hong Kong, Alaya Consulting is a GRI Certified Training Partner, Data Partner, Organizational Stakeholder and an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider. The consultancy specializes in helping clients that need a strategic approach to sustainability, but don’t necessarily have the budget or expertise to do it all by themselves.
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