Alaya Consulting Limited encouraged companies to follow the reporting guideline from Global Reporting Initiative

Alaya Consulting Limited participated a ESG conference in Hong Kong with other industry stakeholders such as CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories and Hong Kong Institute of Society Impact Analysts on 9 December.  Joined by over 60 senior executives from Hong Kong-listed companies, the seminar was held at the Regal Hong Kong Hotel.  Feedback from audience was overwhelming.

During the seminar, speakers have exchanged ideas and views on the latest development of sustainability, including reporting, assurance, ESG investing, collaboration with social enterprises, etc.  Stephen Wong, Vice Chairman of the Institute, shared his views on ESG investing, explaining how being a sustainable business could drive company’s profitability as well as share performance, and the importance of the “Creating Shared Value” concept.

Howard Ling, Senior Consultant of HKCSS, cited successful cases of collaboration between NGOs and For-Profits through achieving social missions.  He also explained the importance of being a company bearing social responsibility should be able to demonstrate genuine care for its customers.

DSC02242In the arena of sustainability reporting, listed companies will need to “comply or explain” on their sustainability initiatives in 2015.  Tony Wong from Alaya Consulting Limited encouraged companies to follow the reporting guideline from Global Reporting Initiative due to its wide acceptability and scalability, seek professional assistance to avoid greenwashing, and get their reports assured in order to raise credibility.

About Alaya Consulting

Alaya Consulting is a specialist consultancy focusing on sustainability, responsible investment, and strategic communications. One of the first sustainability communications firms established in Hong Kong, Alaya Consulting is a GRI Certified Training Partner, Data Partner, Organizational Stakeholder and an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider. The consultancy specializes in helping clients that need a strategic approach to sustainability, but don’t necessarily have the budget or expertise to do it all by themselves.
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