Hong Kong is lagging behind its peers on sustainability

A recent survey by WWF found that Hong Kong people would consume “Three Earths” if they continue to maintain the current consumption level.  The NGO calls for a cut-down in consumption.

The findings are hardly surprising reflecting a general lack of awareness about sustainability development in Hong Kong. Another indication which suggests the same is the delay of announcing ESG compliance among the local listed companies. While all major stock exchanges in Asia have already implemented some sort of comply or explain requirement, HKEx, one of the major players, maintains its voluntary requirement in terms of ESG Reporting.

To raise the public awareness further among general public, all stakeholders including professional bodies, corporations, and consultancies should work together to improve the awareness of sustainability.


I have joined a ESG seminar recently, one of the panelists said it’s time for the Hong Kong Government to compile a sustainability report, it might not sound like a joke any more.

About Alaya Consulting

Alaya Consulting is a specialist consultancy focusing on sustainability, responsible investment, and strategic communications. One of the first sustainability communications firms established in Hong Kong, Alaya Consulting is a GRI Certified Training Partner, Data Partner, Organizational Stakeholder and an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider. The consultancy specializes in helping clients that need a strategic approach to sustainability, but don’t necessarily have the budget or expertise to do it all by themselves.
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